New template construction

I'm in the midst of rewriting portions of the Catch My Fame before/after plugin so that it's responsive. The code isn't responsive, having been written in 2009, and nobody has done anything like it since. My first draft is here but I need something more turnkey before I convert it to a WordPress plugin. Until I get this portion of the site done, the portfolio section won't fly. [ Continue ]

WordPress custom post archives and pagination

You've created a custom post type and set up pagination but it's not working. Maybe the navigation isn't appearing, or maybe the posts are the same on every page. Maybe clicking page 2, 3, or 4 sends you back to page 1 every time. You're having a very, very, very long day. It's okay, I'm here to help. [ Continue ]

An adventure in information design

Often times, designers and clients alike tend to sort content directly into a navigation bar before even starting the design. Here's a better method: use a card sort. In this post, I'll explain why, using a current client as my example. If this doesn't convince you to adopt the technique, I'm not sure what will. [ Continue ]

Set Up Google Analytics Goal Tracking in Wysija/Mailpoet

If you've worked with Google Analytics goals, you know they can be a useful benchmark for how successful your website is in converting a specific call to action. If you work in UX, then you understand why it's important to have those numbers. A site that doesn't convert doesn't make money. The following blog article explains the steps required to make Google Analytics properly track Wysija/Mailpoet signups. [ Continue ]

Introducing the Alternate Theme Switcher for WordPress

Now available for Alpha Testing, Imperative Ideas introduces the "Alternate Theme Switcher" plugin, for serving a compatible version of your site to older Internet Explorer browsers. Download & comment on GitHub. In its current state, the plugin is stable and ready for deployment but needs testers. Please submit all feature requests and bugs to me on the linked repository! [ Continue ]

Contact Imperative Ideas

A real contact widget is coming soon. For now, contact me by email using [email protected], or by phone at 415.797.7097.